Dmitry Duplyakin

Postdoctoral Researcher

Flux Research Group
School of Computing
University of Utah


Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2017

University of Colorado - Boulder
Advised by: Jed Brown and Robert Ricci



dmdu AT

3490E, Merrill Engineering Building

High-Performance Computing

Performance Analysis, Modeling,
and Prediction

DevOps and Configuration Management


Research Interests

Cloud Computing and Testbeds


Curriculum Vitae

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       2017 -- Ph.D. Computer Science
        University of Colorado at Boulder
        Advisors: Prof. Jed Brown (University of Colorado), Prof. Robert Ricci (University of Utah)
        Dissertation:  Optimizing Computations and Allocations on High Performance and Cloud Computing Systems


        2012 -- M.S. Computer Science
        University of Colorado at Boulder


        2008 -- B.S. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Cum Laude)
        Samara University, Samara Russia (Formerly knows as: Samara State Aerospace University)


Research Experience

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Utah -- August 2017 – Present
Work with the FLUX research group and contribute to the CloudLab,
 an NSF-funded large-scale cloud computing testbed. Areas of focus: benchmarking and performance analysis, configuration and experiment management on the testbed, integration of cloud and HPC resources, analysis of the power efficiency of ARM processors.

In 2015-2017, I worked with FLUX as a research assistant (partially remote)


Research Assistant, University of Colorado at Boulder -- August 2014 – May 2017
Develop and evaluate techniques for predictive modeling in analysis of performance and energy consumption of parallel applications, including codes for Adaptive Mesh Refinement simulations


Intern, Globus Genomics team, Computation Institute, University of Chicago -- May-July 2014
Develop enhancements to the Globus Genomics infrastructure built upon the Galaxy
platform and Amazon Web Services; develop Galaxy tools for material science research


Research Assistant, University of Colorado at Boulder -- May 2012 – May 2014
At Knight Lab: contribute to design of a $2M high-memory bioinformatics cluster; develop a prototype.
In collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory: develop management tools for
scientific computing in multi-cloud environments using Nimbus platform


Intern, National Center for Atmospheric Research -- May-2011 – September 2012
Data-intensive cluster development, system administration, benchmarking


Research Publications

All publications can be found in my Google Scholar


My research publications have been recently presented at

I have also presented my research at such workshops as ScienceCloud, CNERT, MERIT,
and several academic poster venues.



  • The Design and Operation of CloudLab
    D. Duplyakin, R. Ricci, A. Maricq, G. Wong, J. Duerig, E. Eide, L. Stoller, M. Hibler, D. Johnson, K. Webb, A. Akella, K. Wang, G. Ricart, L. Landweber, C. Elliott, M. Zink, E. Cecchet, S. Kar, and P. Mishra
    USENIX ATC 2019

  • Taming Performance Variability
    A. Maricq, D. Duplyakin, I. Jimenez, C. Maltzahn, R. Stutsman, and R. Ricci
    USENIX OSDI 2018
  • Mentor in the Graduate Peer Mentoring Program, 2016-2017 Academic Year
  • Teaching Assistant, Computer Science 1: Intro to Programming, Spring 2015
  • Mentor for an undergraduate  student in the Discovery Learning Apprenticeship program,
    2014-2015 Academic Year
  • Graduate Instructor, Computer Science1: Intro to Programming, Spring 2012
  • Teaching Assistant, Computer Science 1: Intro to Programming, Fall 2011, Spring and Fall 2010
  • Teaching Assistant, Principles of Programming Languages, Spring 2011

All at University of Colorado at Boulder


Teaching Experience

  • Best Paper Award for the "Introducing Configuration Management Capabilities into CloudLab Experiments" paper presented at CNERT '16 (The International Workshop on Computer and Network Experimental Research Using Testbeds)


  • 4 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards
    Spring and Fall 2010, Spring and Fall 2011
    University of Colorado at Boulder


  • Best Student Project Award at 59th student conference at Samara State Aerospace University, Samara, Russia for the "Parallel Algorithm of Conforming Estimates Calculation in Case of Identification Using a Small Number of Observations" project, Spring 2009


  • Fellowship from Vladimir Potanin Foundation (granted for excellent academic performance in two consecutive terms), Fall 2007


  • 2nd prize in All-Russian student contest in theory of probability and mathematical statistics, 2005
    Samara, Russia


  • 1st prize in VIII International team tournament in Computer Physics, Spring 2004
    Dubna, Moscow region, Russia


Awards and Honors



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